Curriculum Vitae


Sep 2018 - May 2020

Msc Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences, Utrecht University, Utrecht

Sep 2015 - June 2018

Bsc Psychology (cum laude), Utrecht University, Utrecht
My Bachelor Thesis has been rewarded with the Peter G. Swanborn prize my bachelor thesis, Article about Peter G. Swanborn prize 2018, the jury report.

Sep 2014 - June 2015

Biomedical Sciences Utrecht University, Utrecht University, Utrecht


Sep 2019 - May 2019

Intern - Julius Centre, subdepartment Clinical Trial Methodology
During my internship I work on my thesis Incorporating historical controls in confirmatory clinical trials using frequentist methods that comprise equivalence testing.

Jan 2019 - April 2019

Teaching assistant TOE - Utrecht University
During computer labs I offer second-year bachelor students help with their homework questions regarding to statistical analyses in SPSS and JASP.

Sep 2018 - Nov 2018

Work group teacher KOM - Utrecht University
During the first semester I was a work group teacher for first year psychology students for the course “Kennismaking met Onderzoeksmethoden en Statistiek”. This is an introductory course in methodology and statistics. I taught two groups of around 22 students. The course consisted of 8 workgroups. During the workgroups I explained methodological and statistical concepts, endorsed students to be critical and independent future researchers, guided group discussions and introduced, guided and discussed exercises they did during class.

Sep 2018

Hosting and Guiding the New International Students - Utrecht University
I had a great time welcoming the new international students, introducing them to Utrecht en the Dutch culture and guiding them to their new (temporary) homes.

Sep 2017 - Sep 2018

Student-assistant Methodolgy & Statistics - Utrecht University
As a proctor you supervise during exams, collect exams and order them alphabetically. After SPSS exams we correct the exams and calculate grades.

Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

Teaching assistent MTS-1 - Utrecht University

Jul 2017 - Aug 2017

Holiday job - WKZ Utrecht
During my holiday I worked for the Wilhelmina Childrens’ Hospital (WKZ) Utrecht. I cleaned the rooms during the patients’ stay.

Sep 2016 - Jul 2017

Student Mentor - Utrecht University
My role as mentor was to let first-year Psychology students feel safe and comfortable in their new environment at University. Meanwhile, I supported them in their journey to develop their skills, uncover their interests, and make future plans.

Concretely this ment:

  • Personal performance and evaluation talks
  • Organizing social group (bonding) activities
  • Offering help and feedback with assignments
  • Organizing a crash course statistics

April 2016 - April 2017

Hostess and model - REP'S Event and Promotion Support

Jul 2015 - Nov 2015

Chef de partie - La Place Restaurants
As a chef de partie I worked in a team and was responsible for the mise-en-place and service of main courses, as well as ensuring conformance to HACCP standards.

2014 - 2015

First-Year Committee (Commissioner Promotion) - M.B.V. Mebiose
Being first-year students ourselves, the First-Year Committee is responsible for regularly organising bonding activities for all the first-year students of Biomedical Sciences in order to get to know each other better, creating a social and cohesive group. We had weekly meetings in which we discussed new activities and divided the tasks that had to be done. My specific role within the First-Year Committee was Commissioner Promotion, taking care of all the promotion aspects of both the First-Year Committee itself as well as all the activities we organised, especially taking care of all the promotional materials such as posters, shirts, hoodies, etc.